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Bafalia is the 1st China-based drop ship supplier management platform. You can sign up for the 7-day FREE trial to find made-in-China and sourced-in-China products. The savings, the platform features, and the drop ship service work for your bottom-line and expanded product categories.

Platform Hightlights
Competitively priced China-based goods
Retailer-branded shipping packing slip or mailing label
Product policing lowers the risk of customer dispute
New supplier notification
Free dispute arbitration
Free escrow service protects retailer's rights
Flexible order management
Track products you are researching or selling
Export customized product data
Push products to marketplace using exported data
Express product buying through customizable product watch list

$99.95/month after trial

Supplier Hightlights


Footful is a trusted brand in the foot health industry, specializing in insoles, foot care and shoe care products. Most of our genuine items can be identified by the original packaging which is imprinted with the Footful Logo. The Footful trademark is registered under parent company STRADE FAREAST LIMITED.


MagiDeal™ is a trusted brandname on many marketplaces and online bazaars. We have a wide catalog of Toys, Fashion & Accessories, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Sports & Outdoors, and more. New product lines are introduced on a regular basis and this website promotes or focuses on a specific theme each time. Be sure to check back again for our next set of cool stuff!

About Lovoski

Lovoski is a premium brand and is available exclusively online, mainly on marketplaces via a few authorized resellers. From mobile gadgets to accessories, we got it all!

High Profit Margin Items


May 20, 2009: China Post EMS network policy change. There's an increase in the EMS offer.
Bafalia suppliers: 32%
Bafalia retailers: 31%
Starting today!

May 18, 2009: China Post EMS network policy change. There's an increase in the EMS offer.
Bafalia suppliers: 29%
Bafalia retailers: 28%
Starting today!

Apr 22, 2009: eBay April seller update. These updates are scheduled to take place the week of June 15, 2009.

Apr 10, 2009: Bafalia users who registered before April 9, 2009 will have to abide to the new business workflow. Retailers who fail to see some formerly available features, please email us:
s u p p o r t (at) q u a r k r . c o m (omit the empty space).

Apr 9, 2009: Launch supplier application form for beta suppliers. Retailer subscription PayPal sandbox testing done.

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